Friday, May 25, 2012

My indie journey, part 5

Midnight Treat has been for sale for 3 weeks now. I made the decision last week to increase the price from .99 to $2.99. I'm still doing little to no promo--I purposefully haven't done much just because I wanted to see the results of doing, um, nothing. :)

Week 3:
Smashwords: 5 copies
Amazon: 18
Barnes & Noble: 21
Total: 44 sales
Week 2:
Total: 37 sales
Week 1:
Total: 24 sales

My sales are low, but I'm averaging about 2 books a day if you look at the total three-week period. That's not bad for a relatively (okay, almost completely) unknown author.

But now it's time to kick it up a notch. I plan to pick one area of promo/social marketing to focus on at a time. I'm currently on Triberr and Facebook and some indie boards, but I am not too active on them. So this week, I will focus on Facebook. I will post a status every day (right now, I'm lucky to post once a week) and will comment and like others' statuses on the Home page each day. I'm also going to start blogging more. How? Not sure yet. What will I blog about? Not sure yet. But this is my week to figure that out.

Will these two things generate sales? Check back next week to find out. I'd love it if you followed me on Facebook, too.

Happy writing. Happy reading.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

My indie journey continues, part 4

I considered not writing an update this week, because my sales haven't really sped up, but I started writing this series so anyone thinking about self-pubbing could go through the process, good/bad/ugly, with me.

I'm still not really doing any promo for this story, so the slow sales reflect that. But my goal this week is to come up with a promo plan and actually follow it. :)

My sales after 2 weeks:
Smashwords: 5
Amazon: 14
Barnes & Noble: 18
Total: 37 sales

I learned yesterday that Midnight Treat was approved for Smashwords' premium catalog, which means it'll now be available at Apple, Kobo, Sony. Hopefully, that'll translate into more sales.

Smashwords: 3 copies
Amazon: 8 copies
Barnes & Noble: 13 copies
Total: 24 sales

After reading some interesting blogs about how Amazon is reconfiguring their algorithms (don't ask what that means, cuz I really have no idea), and how lower-priced ebooks might be affected, I decided to try an experiment. I upped the price of Midnight Treat from .99 to $2.99. Which means I'll get 70% royalties rather than 35%. Which means I'll make more money selling fewer books. But it could also mean I'll sell fewer books period.  I'll keep it this higher price for 3-4 weeks and see what happens, if anything.

As always, I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Part 3...Dipping my toes in the indie waters

Well, I did it. I uploaded my story and it's now "out there" for everyone to see and buy. :) I was afraid about the learning curve for formatting for nothing. It was actually very easy to upload on the three main sites (Amazon, BN, Smashwords)--all three just require a .DOC file. Each has a few different specifications, but it was quite simple to do. Whew!

Available now for just .99!

My problem? I uploaded before really having a promo plan in place. I think I was in such a hurry to get something out there, that I rushed things a bit. So, I'll share with you my numbers for the first week, but keep in mind the only promo I've done is to announce it on my Facebook page and once or twice on Twitter.

My sales after one week:
Smashwords: 3 copies
Amazon: 8 copies
Barnes & Noble: 13 copies

Yes. I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice at work. Not.

Considering I don't really have a name yet, thus nobody knows me (yet), I'm okay with these sales. Did a little part of me hope my story would jump right into the Top 100 lists? Well, of course it did. But I didn't really expect that. Really.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chocolate & Roses Blog Hop

Welcome to the Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop & Giveaway.

May 5 - 9, 2012

To enter, all you need to do is leave me a comment on THIS post, and tell me about a time that someone gave you roses and/or chocolate. Then you'll be eligible to win a copy of my newest release and a Starbucks gift card.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see the links to other bloggers. They're each giving away something on their blogs, too.

Chocolate makes everything better

My story has to do with chocolate and love, but not the romantic kind of love. A few years ago, I was going through a particularly rough time in my writing career. My young teenage daughter knew how much I loved chocolate and remembered me making the comment, "Chocolate makes everything better."

So she had my husband drive her to the local sweet shop, and used her own money to buy me my favorite chocolate. They put the chocolates in a simple white bag. She wrote on the outside, "This will make everything better, Mom."

And you know what? It did make everything better. I still have that bag, by the way. But the chocolates? Long gone, of course.

* * * * *

Here is a sneak peak of my newest story, an erotic romance that releases this week.

The man hooked his hands under the frame and tugged upward. She gasped. He was coming inside! He swung his leg quietly over the windowsill, his foot touching carpet.
“You told me you were on the fifth floor,” he said as he swung his other leg inside and unfolded to his full height. His voice was deep and raspy. His white teeth flashed in the dim light as he grinned.
Oh. My. God. He was in her apartment. “I, ah—” He must have seen her through the window and thought she was the other Marie. Again. Her insides fluttered with possibilities.
Tell him! He stalked toward the bed like a wild animal hunting its prey. He eased the sword from its sheath and leaned over her, holding it above her face. She, Cassie Snow, was smack dab in the middle of another couple’s naughty fantasy. Her eyes widened and need pulsed between her legs. Tell him he’s in the wrong apartment!
“You said you like to be scared,” he growled, right before he clamped a hand over her mouth and pressed the back of her head into the pillow.
He held the long silver blade in front of her eyes. “Make a sound and you’re dead. Understand?” She nodded and immediately stilled. She knew she should tell him he had the wrong girl. But she was always the wrong girl. Was it so horrible that she wanted to be the right girl for a change? Was it so wrong that she wished, just for one night, to be someone else? Someone who acted out naughty role-playing?

Available now!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave me a comment on this post telling me about a time someone gave you roses or chocolate.

I will randomly choose a winner on May 10. Good luck!

*  *  *  *  *

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