Friday, October 19, 2012

Alpha Male Blog Hop

Welcome to the Alpha Male Blog Hop
Oct. 19 - 22
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I love a good alpha hero in my romance reading, particularly my erotic romance reading. I like to read about strong women (no wimpy, simpering girls for me), and a strong heroine needs a strong alpha man to complement her.
A great alpha hero is always in charge, in control and has a slight asshole edge to him. Alpha is mostly about attitude--self-confident, a bit egotistical, self-assured. Maybe even a little bit chauvinistic—he thinks it’s his job to protect the heroine, even if she’s certain she can take care of herself.
Like I said, he’s always in control...except when it comes to the heroine. Sexually, she can control him with a kiss, a touch or a lick. She can bring him to his knees with just a look. I love that.
 ...and apparently IN REAL LIFE, TOO
Way back when I was dating, I had a couple of rules:
1. I wouldn’t date anyone with arms smaller than mine or boobs bigger than mine.
2. If was ever threatened in a dark alley, I wanted someone who would have a good chance of defending me.
This wasn’t a rule, but I was also looking for someone with a strong personality, not a wimp like I can be at times.
Thus, I was looking for an alpha male. And I found one. But here’s the cool thing—we’ve been married long enough that I’ve tamed him. Oh, he still thinks he’s the alpha and still acts like the alpha...but we girls know the truth, don’t we?
*  *  *  *  *
In my most recent release, MIDNIGHT TREAT, my hero Josh Panetti is most definitely an alpha male, especially in the bedroom. Here’s the blurb:
It’s mistaken identity gone erotically awry.

Josh Panetti breaks into an apartment Halloween night, thinking he’s fulfilling the sexual fantasy of a woman he just met at a costume party. Instead, he’s broken into Cassie Snow’s apartment. Cassie realizes immediately his mistake—she’d seen him at the party with her sexy upstairs neighbor. She should tell him he has the wrong apartment and the wrong girl. But she’s always the wrong girl. Would it be so terrible to be the right girl for just one night?
MIDNIGHT TREAT is available now
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