Sunday, April 22, 2012

Real orgasms with real men are better than the alternative

Welcome to Sunday Snippets, courtesy of the sexy and sinful Red Lipstick Journals. Last week, you read part of my opening and met my cursed and haunted hero, Thaddeus. Today, let's meet his heroine-to-be, Kate.

Kate Hargrove moaned as his tongue flicked across her clit and his fingers pinched her nipples. Ungodly pleasure radiated outward from her core, curling her toes under the sheets. Her body arched off the mattress as the orgasm ripped through her and a scream of ecstasy burst from her lips—

Her eyelids popped open. She was dreaming. Her studly lover wasn’t real. But her sated body told her the orgasm was real. Her pussy walls still throbbed in the aftermath.

"Holy shit," she muttered, scooting to a seated position in the bed, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her wrist. Why couldn’t real orgasms with real live men be as good as that one?

Because great sex required meeting a man, which required dating or at least getting out more, neither of which she had time for.

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance
Length: 24k

Available now at Bookstrand
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  1. Very yummy. I've definitely got to pick this book up. :D

  2. Very sexy...What a dream to have...